New York City Trips

Welcome to the Crossroads of the World

Imagine standing right in the middle of the most exciting City on the Planet.  Around you, places you’ve heard about all your life: Times Square, Broadway, The Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, and more.  Now, dream about somebody making it happen, making it part of the Life Experience of your Students.  And that somebody intimately knows the places, the timing, where to eat, where to sleep, the way to get you there and the means to get around.  Your dream has just come true – you have DeBOLT!  “Our Heart is in Your Tour!”

We will discuss with you all of the attractions and experiences.  Based on our discussions with you and our over 125 years of experience, we’ll create an Itinerary that makes the absolute best use of your time in the City That Never Sleeps…but not to worry, we’ll build in some rest time for your Group.  And that time will be molded into a Custom Experience beyond compare for your School.  

Many of those places whose names you know offer private programs to enhance the value of your visit.  We are familiar with those programs and activities and – as they are constantly changing and being updated – we keep up-to-date with those changes and updates.  For example, we’re not just going to take your Group to the Bronx Zoo, we can set up programs there which investigate the impact of human behavior on the environment and climate through an encounter with a live animal in a zoo classroom and exploration of a zoo exhibit.

Some of our recommended activities in New York City include:

The Statue of Liberty under the blue sky background, Lower Manhattan, New York City,

Statue of Liberty

We’ll work you on the best time of day to visit.  We’ll be sure to include the Pedestal Pass which other operators fail to even mention.

War of the Observation Decks

For the first time ever, you have a choice of four ways to see New York City from above: the Edge, One World Observatory, Top of the Rock, and, of course, the legendary Empire State Building.  We’ll help YOU decide which would work best for your Group.

City Tour

“So much to see, so little time” BUT WAIT! Our knowledge Guides enable you to see the Most in the time you have.  It might be in your own private motorcoach with a local Guide or a virtual flying Tour at RISE, New York’s newest experience.

Broadway Shows

A wealth of riches in live performance awaits you on The Great White Way.  One of our Staff or one of our representatives has seen all of the shows.  Tell us what you are looking for – Drama, Musicals, Disney Animated Movies-Come-To-Life – and we’ll make sure you have a seat in the theater.

Click here for the Official Group Guide to Broadway

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Share the interests and background of your Group with us.  In 10 minutes we can give you the suggested outline of an Itinerary for your Group to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Costa Rica.

DeBolt Experience Works for You.

YOUR SAFETY - DeBolt Priority #1!

Crime makes for great network TV shows, but the reality is a relatively low crime rate in New York City.  We know where to go and when because we’ve been there ourselves.  We’re not going to take you to Central Park at night.  Of course, crimes do occur, but rarely in the Tourist-heavy areas around Manhattan.  The biggest threat?  Pick-pocketing.  And you can protect yourself by wearing a wallet and carrying your Passport on the inside of your clothing and staying away from panhandlers.  We keep our ears close to the ground.  Our office receives reports every day on conditions in places we have scheduled visits.


Our personnel love to eat.  We know restaurants all over the City.  We will always include a convenient breakfast and dining experiences which are unique to Manhattan such as Gayle’s Broadway Rose and Ellen’s Stardust Diner.  

We ensure that meals are an integral part of your total Big Apple Experience.


We will never put your Group in a hotel which has not been inspected by either a DeBolt employee or representative.  In consultation with you, we will make suggestions as to whether it is better to stay in Manhattan (more convenient, more expensive) or across the river in either nearby New Jersey or Long Island (less expensive, but requires additional travel time).


Our decades-old dealings with our Partners in New York enable us to get the lowest prices for your Group.  We then pass them along to you.  This lowest level of “volume” pricing is usually at a tier lower than what you can get as a “Group” price.

Our 125 years of experience enables us to look at New York City through the eyes of an adult, Senior Citizen, child, parent, teacher, administrator, Troop Leader, and even Bus Driver. Not only do we know what different experiences people like, we know what makes the best fit for their interests and ages and backgrounds. Our experience works for you.