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There are MANY companies that can set up Trips for your Students and Scouts… But FEW have the personal family commitment of DeBOLT Tours…

And ONLY ONE has been in business since 1895!  

Unique Background

We offer an Exciting Approach to Travel Experiences coming from the Perspectives of Millennial, Gen Xer, Baby Boomer, Senior Citizen, Parent, Tour Director, Academic, Driver, and Passenger

Unequaled Vision

Our Staff has First-Hand, On-Site Familiarity with 49 States, 11 Canadian Provinces, and over 60 Countries (and is always on the lookout for the latest in travel opportunities)

Unsurpassed Partnerships

Personal Relationships with over 50 Airlines, Hundreds of Bus Companies, Countless Cruise Lines, Amtrak, and Canada’s Via Rail

EASY Trip Planning for YOU

YOUR One-Stop Shop

DeBolt can create a complete Experience for you from the time you get-on your private Motorcoach, board your flight, or step aboard your Train.  Attractions, meals, events, programs, transportation, and overnight accommodations will be put together in a Custom Package based on our extensive consultation with you and your Team.

YOUR Advisor

Only DeBolt has a US-Based Company employee on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year at a toll-free number.  This representative serves as YOUR concierge during the entire process of planning and operating your Trip.  Depending on the nature of the Trip, we may even be able to come to your location to make a live on-site presentation.  Remember, our experience and resources exist to serve YOU!


Rest easy, the chances are good that DeBolt has been there and faced that.  More than likely, any challenge you have regarding your Trip has been encountered and satisfactorily resolved by DeBolt in the past.  That experience comes from having been around since 1895.


DeBolt knows all of the work and all of the time it takes on your part to pull a Trip together.  In recognition, DeBolt offers a generous “Appreciation Allowance Program” to enable you and some assistants to take the Trip for free.

BIG enough to Know, PERSONAL enough to Care

Our vast involvement and visibility in the Travel Industry and Education Field have created unparalleled partnerships and links to unlimited resources.  We can put these to use and create the best custom Travel Experience for your Group.  

As a fun aside, we even know the location of the Sonny Bono Memorial in DC and Senor Wences Way in Manhattan.   

Your Interest Becomes Our Commitment

NEW YORK CITY  – Every Tour Operator knows the New York City basics such as the Statue of Liberty, Shows, and Times Square.  But unlike DeBOLT, few / specifically DeBOLT / especially DeBOLT, can offer recommendations on everything including the War of the Observation Decks, advice on visiting the Highest Point in Manhattan, and the Best Singing Waiters on Broadway.

WASHINGTON, DC – DeBOLT has been traveling to Our Nation’s Capital since the 1930’s.  No one knows it better.  DeBolt keeps your experience up-to-date and is sure to include sites that are in today’s headlines.  For example, given current interest in Ukraine, we include the Holomodor Memorial.  We also know all the off-the-beaten path attractions such as the Sonny Bono Memorial. 

CIVIL RIGHTS – DeBolt is keenly aware of the history of the struggle for Equality.  Our Civil Rights Circle can include places which have become Memorials, Monuments, Museums, and Shrines in the Movement.  These can include locations such as the Woolworth Lunch Counter  (Greensboro, NC), Lorraine Hotel (Memphis, TN), Pettus Bridge (Selma, AL), King Center (Atlanta, GA), and the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site (Tuskegee, AL). 

PATH of the PRESIDENTS – With so many US Presidents coming from two states – Virginia and Ohio – DeBolt can create a circle to visit their homes and National Centers from George Washington’s Mt. Vernon (VA) to William McKinley’s Museum (OH). 

STEAM – DeBOLT believes it important to include elements of the STEAM approach to learning where possible.  For example, in Washington we can include labs at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum, in New York City, the Museum of Mathematics, and  in Pittsburgh, the new Moonshot Space Museum.

SPORTS – DeBOLT can arrange for your Group to visit some of America’s Greatest Sports Destinations including Halls of Fame, Fields of Dreams, and even Racetracks.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Occasionally a once-in-lifetime event takes place and DeBOLT can often make it possible for you to be a part of it.  Such disparate events have included the Total Solar Eclipse in Kentucky and the recent Who Dey Express Play-off Game in Kansas City.

COSTA RICA – Costa Rica is one of the most fascinating and most ecologically aware countries on Earth.,,,and it is a relatively short flight from the United States!  From Sea Turtles at Tortugero to volcanoes at Arenal to self-sufficient contained communities in the Highlands to the Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve and Wildlife Refuge (Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio), DeBOLT knows it well from our many visits there.

FUN – No One knows the Theme and Amusement Parks, the Beaches, the Great Outdoors, and Leisure Activities from America’s First Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain to Surfing at North Beach in Hawaii better than DeBolt.  Most recent addition?  Bridgewalk: 825 feet above the New River Gorge, America’s Newest National Park. 

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