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Here are the answers the questions that we receive the most from our clients. If you need further information, you can reach us by phone, fax, email, or mail. We will answer all of your questions promptly.  Remember, our phone lines are open 24 hours a day!

Transportation Options


DeBolt Unlimited Travel is an agent for airlines and Amtrak. At busy travel times we also lease coaches from other companies. When leasing a coach for your group, we are careful to use only the most experienced and reliable motorcoach companies.

Curriculum Enhancement

Manhattan Cityscape and Hudson River at Sunrise. New York City,

All of the tours on our web site are suggested itineraries. We will work with you to customize each itinerary to fit the needs of your group. Tell us your field of study and we design the tour to match the interests of your students. For instance Student Tours in New York City can be customized to get the most for your money.

Activities and Attractions

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We will keep your students busy from breakfast to bedtime. The key to a successful student tour is to have your students occupied at all times with the right mix of learning and fun.


stock price

All of our prices are based on a minimum of 44 passengers. 40 paid passengers and 4 complimentary chaperones. Additional paying adults always go at the student rate. We can custom price any tour to accommodate as few as 20 passengers or as many as 400. DeBolt Unlimited accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express Cards. You may also pay by check, cash or money order. Full payment is due 30 days prior to your departure.

Did you know that many attractions have levels of pricing beyond “Group” such as Travel Trade and “High Volume”?  With our reputation in the Industry, we can get those and pass the savings on to you.  Our Philosophy is to give you exceptional VALUE:  the Best and Most for what you are paying.  We know the best form of advertising is “Great Word of Mouth”.  We want YOU to be happy and to tell your Friends and to contact us in the future.

Cancellation Policy


Any deposit unless designated non-refundable, less any non-refundable charges incurred by DeBolt (for rooms, theatre tickets, meals, etc.) will be returned to the customer. There are no refunds within 30 days of your trip. Optional trip cancellation insurance is available.


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There are times when we must substitute a different tour attraction, meal or hotel from that which is described in our itinerary. If we must make substitutions, we substitute items of equal or greater value.


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DeBolt Unlimited Travel acts as an agent in arranging meals, accommodations, attractions, transportation, etc. and as such, is not responsible for any damage, loss, delay, injury, or accident due to weather, acts of God, actions of government, or any act of default of any company or person engaged in providing services included in our tours.

DeBolt Unlimited Travel is not responsible for the personal property of passengers on its tours. We strongly recommend that you keep any money, credit cards, medications, jewelry, or anything else of value with you at all times.
Any item left on the motorcoach or at any hotel or attraction, if found, will be returned to you at your expense.

Deposit, Payments and Refunds


Given our standing in the Industry, our Partners in Travel will work with us to create a Deposit and Payment Schedule which works for both you and them.  In that same vein, DeBolt will work with them to get you the most appropriate refunds where applicable and if possible.

The Unforeseen


The safety of our Travelers is the Number One Priority at DeBolt.  If circumstances arise which necessitate making changes in an Itinerary or require substituting features, we are informed enough to be able to do that.  And DeBolt will keep you advised every step of the way regardless of the time of day or Time Zone.  We never sleep……….