Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace and Savannah

No Other City on Earth Offers as Many Opportunities for Girl Scout Engagement, Education, Excitement, and Fun

Juliette Gordon Low would be proud, pleased, and probably astonished at how her hometown of Savannah, Georgia has embraced Girl Scouting. 

Discover the sea-life found in the shallow waters off of Tybee Island Beach, cruise with the Dolphins, cheerfully fall in line with the Global Girl Scout Militia.  There’s all that and much, much more in Savannah.

And the DeBOLT Staff has experienced it all in preparation for your visit.  We have participated in the programs, eaten in the restaurants (at our expense of our waistlines), inspected the hotels, and even been spooked by ghosts (Savannah can be “the most haunted town in America”, you know).

Some Of The Experiences We Can Recommend Include:

  • Girl Scout First Headquarters     
  • Beach Seining on Tybee Island
  • Girl Scout Militia Muster at Old Fort Jackson
  • Adventure in Eti-Kit Dining
  • Oakland Island Wildlife Education Center
  • Atlantic Coast Ecology Immersion
  • Savannah Riverboat Dinner Cruise
  • Gullah/Geechee Heritage Enclave
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse
  • Dolphin Cruise
  • Candle Making
  • Mighty 8th Air Force Experience
  • Congregation Mikve Israel
  • Georgia State Railroad Museum


Our Staff stands ready to help you in your selection of activities..  We have evaluated the programs, sacrificed our waistlines at the restaurants, and slept like babies at the hotels.  No Tour operator knows Savannah better.  We have been going there since the 1940’s and make site inspections several times a year.  We talk to Troop Leaders after their visits and even debrief bus drivers to find out what they heard from the passengers on their buses.

DeBolt Makes Getting to Savannah Easy

We’ll handle all of the travel arrangements for your Troop from your hometown.  We have driven the buses, ridden the rails, and flown on the flights to Savannah.  We’ll work with you to determine the best means of getting your Scouts to Savannah based on your location, your number of travelers, and the amount of time you have available for your Trip.     

No other Tour Operator knows Savannah better than DeBOLT.  Let us put our experience and familiarity to work for YOUR Troop.  Our Heart is in YOUR Trip!

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Our 125 years of experience enables us to look at Savannah through the eyes of an adult, Senior Citizen, child, parent, teacher, administrator, Troop Leader, and even Bus Driver. Not only do we know what different experiences people like, we know what makes the best fit for their interests and ages and backgrounds. Our experience works for you.